Compose Yourself! written by James Stephenson, the Lake Forest Symphony’s composer-in-residence, is the Symphony's primary educational offering and is designed for student groups in grades 3-8.  Youth Concerts draw children from all over the North Shore, north and northwest suburbs and southeast Wisconsin.

The concert will give students an opportunity to see how classical music is composed through an interactive and engaging program. We know many students at this age are starting to think about choosing an instrument to play, and there are many options! This is a chance for students to hear fifteen different classical instruments played by some of the finest musicians in the Chicago area.  Compose Yourself! is also unique in that it highlights the different timbres (CCSS Language: Vocabulary Acquisition and Use) of these instruments, and the ways in which they work together to create the sound of the full orchestra (CCSS Speaking and Listening: Comprehension and Collaboration).  

General Program Information:

Duration: Approximately 45 minutes

If you are interested in bringing Compose Yourself! or other educational programming to your school or community, please contact Education and Community Engagement Manager Dileep Gangolli at dileep@lakeforestsymphony.org.


Beatrice Fletcher Children’s Fund

Mr. & Mrs. Richard Morehead

The Palmer Family Foundation

Photos by Larry Ross and Seth Glickman