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Photo by Elliot Mandel

Photo by Elliot Mandel

Lake Forest Symphony Horns

The Orchestra Horn: A Musical History

friday, March 29, 8:00pm

Pre-concert reception: 7:00pm

Gorton community center

“The sound of the horn is the soul of the orchestra”
— Robert Schumann

Find out how the horn evolved through time, around the world, and how it ended up as the soul of the orchestra!  The Symphony presents its horns from pre-history to the modern day orchestra horn. Instruments will include sea shells, animal horns, and early man-made wood and metal instruments. We’ll journey from the Baroque era, to Classical, Romantic, and through 20th and 21st century compositions, with slight detours to Manhattan, Hollywood, and Chicago!

Russell Kerns,   Alto Saxophone

sound of silent film festival

friday, march 1, 8:00pm

Pre-concert reception: 7:00pm

Gorton community center - John & Nancy Hughes Theater

Musicians of the Lake Forest Symphony present newly-composed film scores performed live to modern silent films from around the world. Created by Access Contemporary Music, the Sound of Silent Film Festival includes Official Selections from the Shanghai International Film Festival and Cannes Film Festival. Join us for a unique experience of silent films and live music!

This live music and film event is in partnership with the Gorton Community Center and Access Contemporary Music.

The Films

LIFE (2012)
Directed by Jonathan Adams


One man’s epic struggle to have his toast just the way he likes it.


Hipster & the Cat (2012)
Directed by Anthony McLean

Hipster and the cat.JPG
hipster and the cat_award.png

An unlucky bachelor wins a chance at love when he finds a beautiful girl’s lost cat.

Games We played (2015)
Directed by Brett Rogstad

Games we Played.JPG
Games we played_award.png

A depressed business man rediscovers how to view the world through the imagination of a child on his way home from work.


The black hole (2008)
Directed by Phil Sampson and Olly Williams

The Black Hole.JPG
Black Hold_award.png

A sleep-deprived office worker accidentally discovers a black hole - and then greed gets the better of him.

love at first sight (2012)
Directed by Mark Playne

Love at first sight.JPG
Love at first sight_award.png

The heart-warming story of a young man’s increasingly creative attempts to attract the attention of the girl of his dreams.


cheating inc. (1991)
Directed by william lorton

Cheating Inc.JPG
cheating inc_award.png

Finding themselves in an impossibly difficult exam, a class of students work together to cheat their way to an A.

score: a film music documentary

thursday, march 7, 7:00pm

Gorton community center - John & Nancy Hughes Theater

On Thursday, March 7, 2019, the Gorton Community Center, in partnership with the Lake Forest Symphony, will be presenting a screening of SCORE: A Film Music Documentary.


Tracking the progress of modern-day film score development, this documentary illustrates how the first few notes on a piano keyboard end up in the most dramatic moments of a film’s emotional climax. Turning the spotlight on the creative struggles that make up a major motion picture score, this documentary showcases the way the world’s top soundsmiths solve musical challenges – from the creative to the technical. *Score was named Best Documentary at the 2017 Chicago Critics Film Festival.

Following the film, we will skype with Matt Schrader, the film’s director to learn more about the making of the film.

Gymnopédie Duo

Les Six: Paris in the Roaring Twenties

friday, february 15, 8:00pm

Pre-concert reception: 7:00pm

Gorton community center

Join LFS Musicians Dileep Gangolli - clarinet, Janice MacDonald, - flute, and guest pianist Beatriz Helguera-Snow as they perform music by composers of Les Six; a consortium of French composers who wrote music between the two World Wars influenced by the dance halls, jazz bands, and speakeasies of the Era. The idea of Les Six was to make music simple and accessible while turning the staid concert hall into a boisterous nightclub with a party atmosphere. In this concert, that's just what they'll do. Come join us as we turn the Gorton Center into a French nightclub and perform saucy musical selections while you sip on wines and cheeses from the Languedoc and Rhone regions of France.

Janice MacDonald

Janice MacDonald

Dileep Gangoli

Dileep Gangoli

Beatriz Helguera-Snow

Beatriz Helguera-Snow

Julian Schwartz ,  cello


Sounds of Change: Music of the 60's and 70's

Friday, october 12, 8:00pm

Pre-concert reception: 7:00pm

Gorton community center

From Hendrix to Shostakovitch, the late 60's and 70's were a time of transformation, as musicians were using their music to as a catalyst for change. Some raised their voices in protest, while others delighted in breaking ground with new musical forms. 4spiel brings a dynamic playlist, ranging from hard rock,to musical theater and back to classical. Join the quartet and a guest vocalist for their signature mix of tunes, stories and banter as they recreate the musical revolution of the 60's and 70's!

Music of Bernstein, Shostakovitch, Hendrix, Sondheim, Marvin Gaye, Dave Brubeck and more!